IL.View beta builds are now available online

Today I’m glad to announce that thanks to Github “project pages” feature I am able to host beta builds of “IL.View” that can be consumed both in browswer and out of browser.

You can browse and/or install IL.View by navigating this link:


What’s new in the deployed build:

I have added an experimental support for Silverlight “.xap” packages. It will be possible to drop a “.xap” file onto IL.View surface and navigate it’s content within assembly browser like shown below:

Just have to note that the implementation of “.xap” browsing is in its early stage and is not feature complete.

What’s on the way:

Many features related to MEF framework. I’m a greatest fan of MEF and use it every day in the production. There’s some tooling that I would like to integrate into IL.View like displaying all the MEF imports/exports for the particular assembly, etc. More content viewers are pending (xaml/xml, images, etc.)

Suggestions, issues and feedbacks?

I would really appreciate to get them registered here: IL.View Issues