Silverlight 3 PropertyGrid Development Progress

There was no information about Silverlight version of the PropertyGrid control for some period. I would like to leak some information towards the current development progress as well as highlight some of the most remarkable features.

Multiple layouts support

Silverlight PropertyGrid will support at least Alphabetical and Categorized layouts out-of-box. There will be a possibility to write your own layouts with least amount of efforts possible.

Here’s how the the “Categorized” one looks like and defined in XAML:



“Categorized” layout will be the default one. This means that you won’t need defining anything if “Categorized” behavior is those you expect to have by default.

Note that control will support “Description Box” similar to native Windows Forms PropertyGrid control.

Here’s how the “Alphabetical” layout looks like and defined in XAML:



Both POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) and Dependency objects are to be supported. Here’s the Button control bound to PropertyGrid:


Property Filtering feature will provide exactly the same functionality Microsoft Expression Blend’s PropertyGrid control gives. It will be possible to filter out properties according to their names and types:



After Silverlight 3 went RTM the Silverlight PropertyGrid development progress went rapid and smooth and hopefully the control will be available very soon.

More news are coming soon…


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