First WPF Parallel Coordinates Control

I’m glad to announce that together with Francois Vanderseypen we’ve successfully introduced the first WPF Parallel Coordinates Control for a customer of ours! At least I could not find any one in the Google for the moment of writing this article 😉

“ParaGraph” is capable of displaying any types of data like strings, doubles, datetimes, etc. and can be easily bound to a DataTable instance. It has no problems visualizing CSV/Spreadsheet data bound to it. The control it is highly customizable and nearly every visual feature can be switched off/on as well as configured either via xaml and control templates or code behind settings.

The Demo Application demonstrating basic functionality can be found here

1. Overall look of the demo application:



2. Support for Background Grid and Range labels:


3. Lines Highlighting and Tooltips


4. Histogram (Emphasizing the Accumulation Points)


5. Axes scaling (zooming in and out)


By default control resides in “Swap” mode. You can drag each single Axis to a different location in order to change (swap) them immediately with redrawing of all corresponding data values. 

6. Line Thickness/Hover Thickness


These are the key features I wanted to highlight but not the all amount 😉

For more details please refer also to the initial announcement here.


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